Articles by Chris Cooke

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CHRIS COOKE co-founded ThreeWeeks in 1996 while studying English at Edinburgh University, with two then fellow students Geraint Preston and Alex Thomson.

In 1998 he co-founded music business news network CMU and its publisher UnLimited Media, subsequently setting up UnLimited’s creative and media consultancy UnLimited Insights, education business UnLimited Learning and ThreeWeeks’ sister media ThisWeek London. All these businesses now operate as part of 3CM UnLimited, the company Chris co-owns and heads up as MD.

CMU is now a leading service provider to the music industry. Best known for its media – the CMU DailyCMU Digest, CMU Trends and Setlist podcast – the CMU business also provides training and consultancy to music companies and runs the CMU:DIY education programme for new talent. It also presents insight sessions at music conferences around the world and its own conference as part of The Great Escape showcase in Brighton each May.

Having received a second degree in Law, he has become a leading expert on music rights. Based on research work for the UK’s Music Managers Forum, Chris authored the book ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’, which explains the inner workings of the streaming business from a rights and royalties perspective. He regularly writes, talks and lectures on the rise of music streaming and the impact it has had on the wider music industry.

Chris has also worked on a wide range of other media, marketing and education projects over the years. This includes helping to launch the Taylor Bennett Foundation, the award winning charity which is enabling more ethnic diversity in the public relations industry.

For ThreeWeeks, Chris oversees the production and commercial side of the operation, coordinates website development and liaises with the wider Fringe community and other festival media. He also contributes interviews to the magazine and is overseeing the launch of the new educational website TW:DIY. [Biog updated 15 July 2017]